About us

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The website was started by Litson K Stephen and Devika Gupta, students of Indore Institute of Law in April 2015 with an objective to bring all aspects of law under a single umbrella. The new website was launched in August 2016.

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The core team at present consists of students from various law colleges across India like IIL Indore, SLS Noida, ILNU Ahmedabad, ALS Noida, RMNLU Lucknow, ICFAI Dehradhun and JIMS Noida. We have interns from different colleges of India.

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The team is increasing day by day. With many law students and law colleges joining us for online internships and media partnerships respectively, we are growing. We are the fastest growing law network as we crossed Alexa Ranking of 50,000 (India) in just 2 months.