Team Members


Shreya Rajan
Managing Director
She hold the top post in the organisational structure after the Founders. The kid in the core team but the most mature in terms of work. She handles the legal research department as well.
Ritima Singh
Executive Director
She is one of the major pillars of Legge Rhythms. She is an active mooter and the promotions head of Legge Rhythms. She handles all campus ambassadors of different law colleges.
Vijit Raj Purohit
Head, Marketing
He is a national hindi debater and is the President of the Sports Society of his college. He is a national hand ball player and loves to sing. He handles the marketing area of the organisation.
Navdisha Sehgal
Head, Events
A girl with a very active soul and full dedication towards work, she handles our events section with the Chairman. She has an interest in writing and have participated in many essay writing competitions.
Siddharth Priyam
Head, Social Networking
A social wiz, he handles the promotions of the website on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. He has a good team of social media managers with him.
Ujjaini Chatterji
Head, Publications
An active blogger herself and Asst Managing Editor of Indian National Bar Association, Section for Law Student. She is the founder of the Literary Society at SLS Noida.
Mamta Bisht
Head, Research & Development
A 2nd year student of Manipal University. She is an Active MUNner and have won many titles in MUNs and YPS. She have also been part of the Executive Board and Organising Committes of MUN and YP.
Apoorva Srivastava
Head, Legal Resources
She is a student of Amity Law School, Lucknow. She is a research freak and have presented papers in many national seminars. She was the former member of Moot Court and Legal Aid Society of her college.
Prachi Priyamvada
Head, Internships
A girl who carries a lovely smile brings energy to the entire team. She co-heads the internship department along with the Co- Founder of the website.
Ritika Khare
Director, Operations and Stratergies
A student of GLC, Mumbai, her dedication towards work made us promote her from the position of Marketing Manager to this post. She is full of energy and new ideas.
Shefali Kanoujia
Co-Head, Social Media
She is a very enthusiastic and energetic person. As co-head of social media, she co-ordinates the work well. She enables us to establish a good contact with the law students across the nation.
Anshita Kohli
Co-Head, Research & Development
She is a 2nd year student of Manipal University, Jaipur. Her interest lies in reading books. She loves taking part in MUNs which enhances her skill of speaking.
Geetika Chawla
Co-Head, Publications
She has been the member of the Moot Court Society of her college. She has been a very active writer and has been doing editorial work for long. She is a good speaker.
Mansi Swaroop
Co- Head, Law News Department
A good researcher and the jack of all trade, she is a lovely person. She handles the law news section along with the Chairman. She is one of the members who have been in the team since the beginning.