Law School Review- Amity Law School, Kolkata


Amity University has been one of the most eminent private universities for the last decade, showering its excellent academic reputation all over the world. The first branch of Amity University had developed in Noida in the year 2003, and included a wide range of courses thus inviting various students with various interests to pursue their higher education in the exquisite campus of Amity. Amity University has ever since developed several other branches of its university in various corners of the nation as well as the world, having campuses in Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius.


The most recent functioning campus under Amity, came up in the city of joy, Kolkata, in the year 2015. Only within a few months of its construction coming to considerable situation, Amity University, Kolkata started receiving several applications from students all over the country. The university, like the other campuses provides several courses to choose from. Even though the campus of Amity is the main attraction for many people, the curriculum provided by the college is brilliant and worth a shot. Located in the new high tech city of Kolkata, Rajarhat, Amity University Kolkata has an excellent faculty, provides a standardized curriculum for the students and is very responsive to the needs and complains of students.


Amity Law School, Kolkata, which developed in the University in the year 2015 itself, has a very impressive faculty, with professors who have been practicing lawyers and teachers for a prolonged period and have practical experiences to share with the students for a better understanding of the subject. Amity Law School provides with a standardized syllabus as laid down by the Bar Council of India, and also includes extra classes teaching students about the practicality of the subject. Seminars regarding drafting and its application, dealing with the pressure of law school, and entrepreneurship in the field of law are a regular scenario in the campus, for law students. The professors being extremely approachable, allow the students to talk to them about any queries pertaining to their subjects or their career.


However, the university has quite a few cons being relatively new, contributing to several drawbacks, wherein basic important clubs for law students such as a moot court club and a debate club have not been formed. Invitation to other law schools for fests is also at a minimal level due to the university being extremely new compared to other law schools in the nation, and having only two batches of law students in BA.LLB and B.COM.LLB so far. Not competing in moots is definitely a drawback for law students, but the universities dedication towards working at a fast pace for better management and development of it will start to contribute to the building of more clubs and activity based classes for the students to participate in.


The university, has several pros as it is located it in an area where students will never face any sort of disturbance caused by the local masses in our regular day-to-day life. It’s away from any sort of political disturbance, and the university does not support any kind of political debates with regards to elections concerning a student body in the campus. The law school authorities especially deal with any sort of mishap among the students with great dexterity. All in all, the campus is a treat to the students, designed with contemporary construction styles in mind. Apart from the much applauded infrastructure of Amity University, the university in Kolkata serves as a great educational institution. Despite the university starting only a year back, it has come a long way and has provided its students with a brilliant curriculum and academia within a few months of its initiation. The law school has a strict authority that keeps the activities of the students in check, and provides with regular work to keep the students engaged in construing the practical aspect of the subject.



Ratula Datta




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