InternShip Diaries- Supreme Court of India, New Delhi


Internship Experience

  • Intern Details

Name: Akshay. 2nd year student.

University: National Law Institute University, Bhopal.


  • Name of the Organization, Location

Divyakant Lahoti, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India.

Office: Noida, Sector 14, UP.

  • Duration of internship

Three weeks, from 2 Jan, 2017 to 22 Jan, 2017.

  • Team Strength

Four; Sir himself, one associate, one co-intern and me.

  • Application Procedure and Contact Details

Mailing at the email id; [email protected]

  • Accommodation

I am from Delhi so I lived at my home and used to travel via metro.

  • First Day Formalities

I was asked to come at the office in sec 14, Noida. He wrote a recommendation letter for me to get the intern pass issued from the Supreme Court. I, with his associate went to the Supreme Court attended proceedings and also attended one client meeting, then we came back at office and I was given some research work.

  • Main Tasks

Attending court proceeding and doing research.

  • Work Environment

Sir used to tell me the facts of the case and the question of law at which I was supposed to research. Sir used to give me enough time but sometimes questions were very challenging and I struggled to come with good amount of research, in the end sir gave me a good lesson which I would carry with me forever, that it isn’t possible to not get material on any point of law in India. Indian jurisprudence is so vast that unless it is a totally new area it cannot be not discussed by judiciary, legislature, or the like.

  • Best things

Amazing opportunity to learn.

  • Not so good things


  • Stipend

Rs. 2500/-

  • Lessons

Always shoulder the responsibility with enthusiasm and passion.



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