This article has been written by Shubhangi Zite, a student of ILS Law College, Pune

1.To monitor movement of migrant workers, online portal has been launched by Home ministry.

The Union Home Ministry came up with online portal for states to monitor movement of migrant laborers using buses and special trains. The portal named National Migrant Information System (NMIS) has been developed by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

This system will help in speedy communication between the states avoiding the unnecessary work for field officers. The portal will maintain a central repository and help  the sending as well as receiving state and district to ask for and give the acceptance in an online format. The portal has other advantages like contact tracing etc.

On the portal states need to provide information like name, age, mobile number, originating and  destination district, and date of travel of migrant workers. The portal will generate a unique ID for each migrant which can be used for all transactions.

2. Collective of lawyers asked China for recovery of damages due to COVID- 19.

The collective of lawyers argued that government should allow citizens to seek compensation from China for the spread of novel coronavirus. All India Bar Association has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi blaming China for the pandemic and asked for altering laws so that citizens suffering financial and emotional losses can seek damages from China.

Under Civil Procedure Code (CPC) , a foreign power can be sued in an Indian court. This is possible only with the prior consent of the central government. It had been further argued that parliament is not in session so the government can bring in an ordinance and make changes in Section 86 of CPC.

3. Rajasthan High Court- newly arrested persons to be tested for COVID -19.

The Rajasthan High Court on Sunday directed the state government to conduct a COVID-19 test for anyone being sent to judicial or police custody.

The bench consisting of Chief Justice Indrajit Mahanty and Justice Asok Gaur gave this direction after the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in Jaipur district jail were 130 prisoners along with jail superintendent got infected.

The order said that the accused free of virus only to be put behind bars. It further asked local medical authorities to conduct test.

The court also directed to form committees consisting of Secretary of District Legal Service Authority, CMHO, and president or secretary of the local Bar Association which shall visit jails and verify its status in there district’s.

4. Restrictions under Section 144 extended in Chhattisgarh for 3 months.

The Chhattisgarh government has extended restrictions imposed in all districts of state under CrPC Section 144 for next 3 months.

In order to bring the spread of coronavirus under control it becomes inevitable to extend the period of section 144 for the next 3 months. Restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs will remain closed in the state till May 31 while sports complex and stadiums will continue to be shut till further orders.

Raipur Collector Bharthi Dasan issued an order that section 144 of CrPC will remain effective in districts till August 16. Strict action will be taken against those found violating orders.





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