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[testimonial_content name=”Justice Panachand Jain” position=”Former Judge, High Court of Rajasthan” active=”yes”]”It is a great initiative. Continue and learn more.”[/testimonial_content]

[testimonial_content name=”Pravin H Parekh” position=”Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of India”]”I wish students all the best.Deliberations,discussion,debate and exchange of information and ideas can achieve much more than an individual himself or herself can do. Please utilize all your time because lost or wasted time can never come back.”[/testimonial_content]

[testimonial_content name=”Anand Prakash Mishra” position=”Deputy Director, Jindal Global Law School”]”Your initiative Legge Rhythms has the potential to become a legal information powerhouse and act as a friend and guide for every law student and aspirant of the future! Keep it up and give your best.“[/testimonial_content]

[testimonial_content name=”Akshay Kanti Bam” position=”Chairman, Indore Institute of Law”]”The new heights can be achieved with New Ideas, New Actions and New Thoughts. So, Hope this New Year brings more New Achievement in your work and performance.”[/testimonial_content]

[testimonial_content name=”Dr. Raj Kumar Yadav” position=”Head, Department of Law, Jagan Nath University, Haryana”] “The initiative taken by the group of Law Students named ‘Legge Rhythms’ is highly appreciable. I extend my full support for the promotion and achievement of the objectives for which it has been formed.” [/testimonial_content]

[testimonial_content name=”Dr. Manpreet Kaur Rajpal” position=”Head of Department, Indore Institute of Law”] “I congratulate the team of Legge Rhythms to mark their existence so strongly in legal websites in such a short span of time. Keep up the good work & high spirits. Grow & help others to grow. Best Wishes.” [/testimonial_content]

[testimonial_content name=”Dr. Vikram Dutt” position=”Principal, Delhi Metropolitan Education “]
“Litson and his band of young committed professionals have impressed me with their dedication and devotion to the promotion of legal education, even at such a tender age. I wish to compliment them on their marvellous initiative and wish them all the best for their endeavour. “[/testimonial_content]

[testimonial_content name=”Dr. Prachi V. Motiyani” position=”Assistant Professor, School of Law, Gujarat University”]
“Stupendous work by Litson and his passionate team in the area of legal awareness. I wish all the best for the future endeavour in excelling in the field of law scaling in to new heights.”[/testimonial_content]