Legge Rhythms was conceptualized, conceived, created and is being administered by its Founder Litson K Stephen and the Co-Founder Devika Gupta, both students of the Indore Institute of Law, to bring all aspects of Law under a single umbrella, and provide sundry services to the Law Students. The inspiration was derived from the ever-growing need of the Law Students and was translated into actuality and reality by several of its programmes. Legge Rhythms offers Online Internships to the Law Students as Law News Reporters, Law Researchers, Case Analysts, Content Writers, Campus Ambassadors and Editors and conducts a variety of Events, inter alia, Seminars, MUNs and Debates.

Legge Rhythms is ranked 16th in the Top 40 Law Websites of India by Feedspot.

Devika Gupta and Litson Stephen with former MEA and senior advocate Mr. Salman Khurshid
(from left to right) Shreya Rajan, Litson Stephen, and Devika Gupta at an event in Delhi. On             the Dias (from left to right) Mr. Anil Bajpai, Mr. Aman Sahni, Mr. Salman Khurshid, and Mr.             Vipin Sahni.