Litson K Stephen
Mr. Litson K. Stephen, an alumnus of Indore Institute of Law, and now the Corporate Relations Officer and Skill Development Coordinator at his alma mater, started Legge Rhythms in his 1st year of law school. Legge Rhythms, started as a law blog on which he and his friends worked, but today it connects students from all over the country on its various digital platforms. Mr. Stephen is an Entrepreneur, a National Debater, a MUNner, a motivational speaker and a social worker who believes in progress over perfection, anyday. He has worked with hundreds of students from around the nation, and spoken on multiple platforms about his entrepreneurial journey.
Devika Gupta
Co- Founder

Born in the city of Kanpur, Ms. Devika Gupta has evolved as an individual during her law school life. She is a perfect example of how dedication can lead you to the zenith. She is a graduate of the Indore Institute of Law and is currently working as the Law Brand Manager at Indore Institute of Law.