Ms. Khyati Shrestha
Chief Operating Officer
A book-hoarder, a certified backbencher, an organization-geek and more; Ms. Khyati Shrestha is a combination of all things mediocre and that is what makes her the COO of Legge Rhythms. She can be a part of the crowd and still lead it without making you feel uncomfortable. Khyati has been a part of Legge Rhythms since LR turned 4 Years old and plans on staying till 40. She has worked with various organisations, national and international, at various positions such as a Content Strategist, Operations Manager, Education Head and more. She believes that exploring career choices around is the best way to learn, but refuses to explore the various coffee flavors.
Ms. Ritika Khare
Chief Knowledge Officer

Ms. Ritika Khare, an alumnus of Government Law College, Mumbai, is currently working at L&L Partners. She is a perfect example of a hard-working, soft-spoken individual possessing a charming, knowledgeable, and witty personality. Her inquisitive to learn new things makes it all the more fun to interact with her. Ritika is vastly experienced with Moot Courts and various Legal Internships which define her love for Law. A perfectionist by all means, she believes work shall speak for her skills. On the lighter side, if you want to win Ritika's heart then it's through Good Food i.e. She is a Die Hard Foodie for Life.