14-Year-Old Dalit girl ‘Gangraped and burnt alive’.


This has given a clear impact that India has learnt nothing from the Nirbhaya Verdict. A 14-year-old was raped and burnt to death in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district. The body of the girl was found in a charred state at a makeshift room, next to the brick kiln she used to work at. According to the girl’s father, he had gone back to his village to visit his ill wife, leaving behind his daughter and 12-year-old son. This is when a group of men raped and killed the girl by setting her on fire.

 The Uttar Pradesh Police booked the owner of the brick kiln and six other on charges of murder, rape and sections of SC/ST Atrocities Act. The post-mortem report suggested that she died due to burn injuries and suffocation. The girl’s father alleged that the administration was trying to make it appear that she died an accidental death. Members of Dalit organisation Bhim Army which have assured to fight for justice for the family.

 Therefore,the thought alone that people felt the need to kidnap, gang rape and kill a man’s daughter to satisfy themselves rages me. I cannot get myself to only say, ‘everyone that commits such disgusting crimes should be punished without a second thought’.

I wish we’d also talk about the bigger problems. Justice to me is when we face our faults as a country, the mentality, the gender inequality as well as the conditioning people have in which we don’t teach sex education to our children.

This wasn’t the first and it isn’t going to be the last unless we start doing something about it other than giving women names that suggest that they are the brave daughters of our country. 

Because I feel we all are somewhere answerable to all this.

By :-

Bharti Bhatt


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