The Legal Aid Society of NLUO has been one of the most vibrant committees. Since its constitution, it has been working with the sole aim of bridging the gap between what the law promises to offer and the actual realities of the law. The concept of community outreach has been of paramount importance in the committee which it satisfactorily has been achieving through integration of the students into the community, by organizing legal literacy camps, social mobilization camps, conducting socio-legal surveys relating to wide-ranging contemporary issues like domestic violence, consumer rights, dowry prohibition, land rights, under trial prisoners and many allied areas. The committee is envisioned to undertake social action work and expand pro-bono legal services.


The Blog is an initiative of The Legal Aid Society NLUO to encourage research in the field of Legal Aid Services to promote an environment of debate and discussion on issues related to various laws that affect the underprivileged through invitation of submissions from interested individuals.


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an extreme chaos and has engulfed the world with disquiet and uncertainty. Where on one hand, practising basic safety measures, staying at home and social distancing is a luxury for the marginalised, it became the worst nightmare for the lower economic groups including migrant workers and daily wage earners.

The role and contribution of a social worker are of invaluable importance during this trying time. Fortunately we have many unsung heroes who are devoting their effort as a helping hand at this hour of need and are proving to be a lifeline for many. Their preventive and treatment services are ensuring the health and well-being of the needy during this pandemic. Their selfless devotion in this noble cause is crucial to mitigate the damaging effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Legal Aid Society, NLUO through its blog would like to acknowledge their endeavour as a tribute and gratitude for their commendable service towards humanity. We, thus invite blog post addressing such social workers who are contributing their bit, tackling the needs of vulnerable in the society.

Theme: An epigraph of Unsung Warriors of the doomed Pandemic.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. The submission should be the original work of the author and not under consideration for publication in any other journal, blog or like platform. Candid Views will be given preference.
  2. 2 Co-authors permitted.
  3. A relevant photograph of the subject matter of the post will be preferable.
  4. Word limit: Minimum word-1000, Maximum word-1200 (exclusive of footnote).
  5. Font: Times New Roman. Font Size: 12, Line spacing: 1.5
  6. Relevant sources must be duly acknowledged and mode of citation should be Uniform.
  7. Submissions will be entertained on rolling basis till 31stJuly 2020, 11:59 pm. An early submission shall be appreciated.
  8. Submissions should be mailed to nluolas@gmail.comin .doc/.docx format with the subject as “Submission for Legal Aid Blog”

Rewards: The selected manuscripts will be published in the legal Aid blog of The Legal Aid Society NLUO. Authors shall receive an acknowledgement email on receipt of the article within 7 days.

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Contact Numbers:

Hitarth Sharma: 9669977775, (Convenor: The Legal Aid Society)

Suman Soren: 9937081978, (Co-Convenor: The Legal Aid Society)

Anjali Agarwal: 8178901558, (Secretary: The Legal Aid Society)

Himani Jaruhar: 9113147776, (Treasurer, The Legal Aid Society)


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