Censorship of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime


Censorship is the process of filtering the content for the mass. It can be done by any private or public organisation, individual or body of individuals. The burning topic is as to whether online visual apps like Netflix, amazon prime videos, hotstar, etc. should be bought under the umbrella of censorship board or not?

Many say that the contents shown on it should be sensibly scrutinized before uploading it. It all started with the advent of time and popularisation of these applications. These apps are preferred over the other sources like T.V.s, movies, radios, etc. as these are more convenient. These apps are said to be exposing our youth to nudity, sexual content, violence and other impactful contents. The question arising here is as to what is the extent of such influence? Are there no other platforms or sources, so to say which have such contents? Who and how will the content be censored?

It needs to be kept in mind that there are many sources, beyond our limits to which the youth has already been introduced. So, to say that these are the only sources that need to be covered is wrong. Yes, we do accept the content on this platform are influential and need to be wisely put forth. There has not been, so far any content which can be said to be objectionable. Still the question exists as to what is considered as objectionable content? It is a completely subjective concept and depends on individual to individual. Hence, the reasonability needs to be first penned down. Another point that should be kept in mind is that a human works on reverse psychology. The restrictions put on them make them do the work which has been prohibited. This means leading to cybercrimes here, in search of the censored content.

In my opinion, censorship is not required here. The board which might get set up will also include individuals with their own personal views. It is impossible to remove personal opinion and emotions from any statement or judgement. Scrutiny of the content is required indeed. For this we can have rules set up, with unambiguous language,which needs to be followed and have the apps censor content according to these rules by them.

By Shruti Dhar


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