Emerging Trends of Cyber Law in India


Cyber Crime is the most concerned issue in all countries as it is harming confidence in government but also in people in a daily life transactions.

With the increased usage of digital technology, cyber law experiences various emerging trends. These various trends include SPAM LAWS, CLOUD COMPUTING AND LAW, SOCIAL MEDIA AND LEADING PROBLEMS, CHALLENGES IN MOBILE LAWS, LEGAL ISSUES OF CYBER SECURITY, etc.

Our Indian society is not much aware of cybercrime because of lack of proper training and education which results in a spurt of cybercrime. Sometimes, even the officers of law enforcement are not properly trained to tackle cybercrime. Most of the cyber threats have a difficult behaviour which causes a delay in understanding and hence difficult to restrict in early phases of cyber attacks. Such attacks create a serious impact on our Indian society. They cause a threat to national defence, psychological disorder, economical disrupt, etc.

India can fight against the problems of cyber crimes by adopting a synergetic approach with a properly trained Human resource in a tech-savvy society.


By – Manas Pamnani




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