How is pursuing LLM abroad a better option than pursuing from India?

This article is written by Sanya Solanki from ILS, Pune

LLM [Latin legum magister] is an abbreviation for masters in law. A lot of students aim to pursue this degree and have a desire to study an LLM course abroad. Getting a degree from abroad is becoming mainstream as time passes by because the quality of education provided by the universities abroad is speculated to be better. Further acquiring an international diploma has its benefits which this article aims to analyze.


What is LLM and why do it?

LLM is an advanced degree pursued by undergraduate law students or an undergraduate degree in related subjects. LLM is perceived as a mechanism to gain international credibility and help in career advancement. Therefore, a lot of law students and professionals choose to obtain this degree given the competitive atmosphere of the industry.

Moreover, LLM provides an opportunity to specialize in subjects. It provides a mechanism to read, learn, and examine particular fields of law which cannot be provided at a rudimentary level. It is a pedestal to reach a higher goal.


An International degree is always the better option because it broadens your horizon and gives you a global perspective of the field. If one does not have his pockets tattered and can afford the cost of living internationally, pursuing LLM from abroad can be quite beneficial. Here are a few reasons why you should pursue LLM from abroad:

The quality of education – There are a plethora of opportunities to learn, to gain special knowledge international universities provide which might be unknown or unavailable at the basic Indian level of education. International universities in the US and UK have a far better reach at prestigious firms than Indian universities therefore they provide better chances at reaching the higher goal.

Range of options- Foreign universities like in the US or UK provide you an option to pursue an LLM from a wide variety of options. On the contrary, LLM course options in Indian Universities are quite restricted. Different countries have different Master of Laws courses on offer, for example, the United States has more than 150 LLM course offerings. By widening your search area you might find the perfect course is a little further from home


Adds to the CV- Getting international education and global exposure and understanding of markets helps you get an advantage over those who do not have the same perspective. Having reputable institutions on your CV shows that you have engaged with scholars and academics that are possibly world-renowned and you are familiar with diverse international bodies. This adds great value and prestige to your CV and enhances your chances of employability.

Specialization- A masters can provide you an opportunity to do an in-depth exploration of various areas of laws that you find interest in. Many universities organize opportunities for students to attend industry events, with all this meaning that you gain exposure to the thinking and practices that contribute to shaping your area of specialism.

For instance, if you have an interest in human resources, you could specialize in labor law and if you find yourself intrigued by banking and financing you could consider specializing in tax laws.

Networking- During the course, it is natural that you will interact with different people and attend events that will familiarize you with multiple law firms and lawyers. This web network can help you understand practical issues of law from a completely different perspective and can help you deepen your knowledge

While studying LLM you interact with academicians and legal practitioners who can give you a better perspective and the right advice in the fields of your study. You get the opportunity to foster relations with people with great experience and guidance

Job prospects- an international course adds a prestigious upgrade to your CV. Interning and networking at an international level gives you a competitive edge over a lot of people and increases the chances of you getting hired. Moreover, because of the quality of education imparted, one can have an upper hand, and the prospects of getting a satisfying job increase. It is also beneficial in boosting your earning potential and finding jobs that will provide you better financial security.


Building new skills- An LLM degree can help you develop a new set of skills that would help you in the future. Shifting to a new country makes you more independent and more open to learning new things. For instance, your interaction with a new culture will help you learn a new language. Knowing the colloquial language can help you meet and develop better relations with experts and also enhance your chances of getting a job in that country.

A new culture- Travelling abroad and experiencing a different culture is something a lot of people advocate for. It gives you a chance to interact with a diverse group of people through friends and professionals. It familiarizes you with the work, culture, mindset of different people and gives you a chance to grow in your sphere. Further, it helps to broaden your horizon and it makes you gain a global perspective towards things.




Pursuing an LLM course has a lot of pros to it. But it is also necessary to take into account money as a factor. The course, in general, is perceived as exorbitant and it is important to analyze whether spending money will be worth it

But if you believe that you can afford the course and its expenditure without incurring huge debt, you should consider it. In today’s competitive world everyone wishes to be better than the rest. Pursuing LLM from abroad gives you an edge internationally and is an upgrade to your undergraduate degree. Therefore after proper research and analysis of different LLM courses abroad, you will realize that it is worth the time and effort.

Curated by Athira Albert of Kristu Jayanti College of Law, Bangalore.