IDEX Legal’s Webinar on “The New Consumer Regime: Consumer Protection Act & the way ahead”


IDEX Legal invites you to a webinar on “The New Consumer Regime: Consumer Protection Act & the way ahead” where our panel will discuss – the key factors of the new act, its effects on business & class action suits.

A review of the commercial practices that have emerged lead the Government to reflect on how effective consumer law enforcement is at this juncture. The introduction of the new Consumer Protection Act 2019 serves the purpose of strengthening the existing rights thereby increasing liabilities of businesses. Organisations have to be aware of the many laws and legislation that protect both themselves and their customers. These help to create a fair and stable atmosphere for businesses to trade in.

Session Agenda:

  • Key features of the New Act that Indian companies should be mindful of
  • Establishment of the Consumer Protection Authority
  • How it will impact on the way businesses function in India? What are the implications of unfair contracts?
  • How the New Act seeks to revamp the process of administration and settlement of consumer disputes, with strict penalties, including jail term for adulteration and misleading ads by firms
  • Consumer Protection Bills vis-à-vis Privacy Laws
  • E-Commerce vis-à-vis electronic service provider
  • Class Action Suits

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