1. A person can change his religion and faith but not the caste to which he belongs, as caste has linkage to birth; SC [29 Apr 2016]
  2. Educational Institutions cannot be allowed to create business empires charging exorbitant fees; Himachal Pradesh HC [27 Apr2016]
  3. Protection of ‘sanction’ to Govt. servants cannot be camouflaged to commit crime; SC summarizes principles governing ‘sanction’ [27 Apr 2016]
  4. Right of women to have the choice of dress based on religious injunctions is a fundamental Right; Kerala HC allows Muslim Girls to wear Hijab for AIPMT[26 Apr 2016]
  5. Even a wrong order should not be visited with Adverse Remarks against Judge; SC[20 Apr 2016]
  6. Prior approval of Govt. necessary before retrenching Private School Employees: SC upholds validity of Section 8(2) of Delhi School Education Act [17 Apr 2016]
  7. Practitioner of Indian/Integrated medicine not entitled to practice Allopathic medicine: Delhi HC [11 Apr 2016]
  8. Leases of Mining Companies will not be lapsed automatically; SC issues Guidelines[5 Apr 20116]
  9. National Commission for Women is not authorized to become Judge or Arbiter; Delhi HC slams NCW for abusing authority[3 Apr 2016]
  10. Engaging Musclemen to recover loans by Banks and Financial Institutions unlawful; Kerala HC [1 Apr 2016]
  11. Exercise of Statutory functions cannot be interdicted under realm of Model Code of Conduct: Kerala HC [25 Mar 2016]
  12. Kerala HC asks children to provide ‘welfare measures’ to mother’s live-in partner [22 Mar 2016]
  13. In absence of any law or regulation, Sikhs can appear in Court with ‘Kirpan’: Punjab & Haryana HC [17 Mar 2016]
  14. State is not bound to make SC/ST reservation in matters of Promotion; SC refuses to direct the Govt. to collect data for enabling reservation [11 Mar 2016]
  15. Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate can be accepted as proof of age: Supreme Court [29 Feb 2016]
  16. Prosecution for Corruption (PC Act) against Officials of Private Bank is maintainable as they are deemed Public Servants; SC [23 Feb 2016]
  17. Complaint against termination of employee is also maintainable in the place where the management decided termination: SC [22 Feb 2016]
  18. Power of Attorney Holder can file Writ Petition: Allahabad HC (FB) issues guidelines [18 Feb 2016]
  19. A Judicial officer cannot be penalized for passing erroneous orders: Kerala HC [13 Feb 2016]
  20. Office of MLA cannot be termed as “Occupation” under Art. 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India; SC [12 Feb 2016]
  21. Formulate Uniform Victim Compensation Scheme for Victims of Sexual Assaults; SC[11 Feb 2016]
  22. SC reiterates that Registration of FIR is mandatory when a Magistrate orders investigation U/S 156(3) of CrPC [11 Feb 2016]
  23. Denial of Appointment to a Woman in Army solely on account of her pregnancy is violative of Art. 14 and 16 of the Constitution of India; Punjab & Haryana HC [10 Feb 2016]
  24. Transgenders are eligible for interview and recruitment for post reserved for female candidates: Madras HC [9 Feb 2016]
  25. Prosecute Litigants who indulge in filing false claims in Courts invoking Section 209 IPC: Delhi HC [23 Jan 2016]
  26. Sufficiency of Injury to cause death must be proved to sustain a conviction under Section 302 IPC; SC [22 Jan 2016]
  27. Dowry given during wedding time does not raise presumption that it was entrusted to parents in law of the bride to attract the Offence under Dowry Act: SC [20 Jan 2016]
  28. Consensual Sex without any deliberation about Marriage is not rape under misconception of fact; SC [10 Jan 2016]
  29. No SC/ST Quota for reservation for promotion in Public Sector Banks: Supreme Court [9 Jan 2016]
  30. Bombay HC lifts ban on Women’s entry to inner sanctum of Haji Ali Durgah [26 Aug 2016]
  31. Gujarat HC partly quashes Ordinance that cancelled NRI quota in Medical Colleges[17 Aug 2016]
  32. Sale of non-service arms be under strict scrutiny: SC [16 Aug 2016]
  33. Supreme Court acquits wife accused of murdering her husband [13 Aug 2016]
  34. Right to peaceful protest is a fundamental right: SC [12 Aug 2016]
  35. Virus of seeking adjournment has to be controlled: SC [28 July 2016]
  36. ‘Honour Killing’ in Kerala: SC acquits the accused [28 July 2016]
  37. Section 311A of CrPC which empowers Magistrate to order to give specimen signatures, is not retrospective: SC [26 July 2016]
  38. Judicial process not an answer to every social ill: SC [22 July 2016]
  39. Access to Justice is a fundamental right guaranteed under Article 14 & 21 of Constitution: SC Constitution Bench [20 July 2016]
  40. Multiple Life Sentences will run concurrently, Remission of one will not affect the other: SC [19 July 2016]
  41. Sonia Gandhi continues to remain as a citizen of India: Allahabad HC dismisses petition challenging her election [12 July 2016]
  42. Wholesale restriction on Admission based on domicile is Unconstitutional: Punjab & Haryana HC [10 July 2016]
  43. SC rules Railways must pay for roof travel deaths; orders Rs 1 crore compensation[7 July 2016]
  44. In a Landmark Judgment SC Directs Govt. to extend 3% Reservation for disabled Persons in all posts [4 July 2016]
  45. An order of cut in pension is permissible even after the employee reached the age of superannuation; SC [24 June 2016]
  46. Madras HC upholds Constitutional validity of S. 18 of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 [17 June 2016]
  47. ‘Cruelty’ not wives’ forte anymore, Husbands is also victims of Cruelty [6 June 2016]
  48. Writ Petition Maintainable against Bar Councils and Bar Associations; Delhi High Court[1 June 2016]
  49. If a fully grown up lady had consensual sex with a person for long time, it is promiscuity on her part and not an act induced by misconception of fact; Delhi HC[27 May 2016]
  50. Damage as a result of ‘Act of God’ as well as Negligence: Injury attributed to Negligence needs to be compensated: SC[15 May 2016]
  51. Law on Criminal Defamation is not Unconstitutional; SC [13 May 2016]
  52. NEET: SC says ‘NO’ to separate Entrance Tests by Private Medical Colleges [6 May 2016]
  53. National Anthem Must Before Movies In Theatres: SC [30 Nov 2016]
  54. Set Up A Mechanism To Pay No-Fault Liability Immediately To Legal Heirs Of The Motor Accident Victims: SC [27 Nov 2016]
  55. Banks Can Sell Tribal Land To Non-Tribal Even If Prohibited By State Law: SC [27 Nov 2016]
  56. Mere Extra-Marital Relationship By Husband Not ‘Cruelty’ To Attract Section 498A/306 IPC: SC [25 Nov 2016]
  57. SC Directs Centre To Frame Model Rules For Effective Implementation Of Consumer Protection Act [21 Nov 2016]
  58. BIFR, AAIFR Not Competent To Issue Directions To Non-Sick Industrial Company: SC [19 Nov 2016]
  59. Subsequent Adoption Can’t Divest Any Person Of Estate Vested In Him Or Her Prior To Adoption: SC [18 Nov 2016]
  60. Refusal To Answer Court Queries Isn’t Criminal Contempt: SC [16 Nov 2016]
  61. Lawyer Couple Gets Mutual Divorce As SC Waives Cool-Off Period [13 Nov 2016]
  62. Breaking: Upper Age Limit Restored For CLAT [ 10 Nov 2016]
  63. SC Upholds TN Govt’s 5% Relaxation To Reserved Category TET Candidate [9 Nov 2016]
  64. A Female Child Is Entitled To Enjoy Equal Right Of A Male Child: SC Issues Directions To Curb Female Foeticide [8 Nov 2016]
  65. Sabarimala: Kerala Govt Now Favours Women’s Entry To The Temple [ 7 Nov 2016]
  66. Every Voter Has A Fundamental Right To Know The Educational Qualification Of A Candidate: SC[2 Nov 2016]
  67. Cracking All LLB Papers At First Attempt Must For Eligibility For Judge Post: Bombay HC [30 Nov 2016]
  68. Courts Can Direct That Subsequent Sentence Shall Run Concurrently With Previous Sentence: SC[29 Oct 2016]
  69. ‘Equal Pay For Equal Work’ For Temporary Employees As Well: SC[27 Oct 2016]
  70. Blow To Pharmas: SC Upholds Centre’s Notifications Fixing Retail Price Of Drug Formulations [22 Oct 2016]
  71. Courts Can’t Exercise ‘Judicial Discretion’ Against Statute Or Rules: SC[7 Oct 2016]
  72. Married Daughter, Who Has Legal Right Of Residence In Building, Can Seek Tenant’s Eviction: SC [29 Sept 2016]
  73. Pregnant Prisoners Enjoy Equal Right In Making Motherhood Choices-Bombay HC Issues Guidelines[21 Sept 2016]
  74. Availability Of Alternate Remedy Not A Ground To Bar Petition U/s 482 CrPC: SC[6 Sept 2016]
  75. Unaided Minority Institutions Cannot Admit Students Of Their Choice By Adopting A Mechanism Of Their Own: Allahabad HC [25 Dec 2016]
  76. Land Belonging To Religious Bodies Can Be Acquired To Serve Larger Public Purpose: Allahabad HC [24 Dec 2016]
  77. Jammu & Kashmir Has No Vestige Of Sovereignty Outside The Constitution of India [17 Dec 2016]
  78. Mobile Towers Come Within Ambit Of ‘Land And Building’ For Levying Property Tax: SC [16 Dec 2016]
  79. SC Bans Liqour Shops Along National, State Highways [15 Dec 2016]
  80. SC Orders National Action Plan To Save Children From Substance Abuse [14 Dec 2016]
  81. IPC Doesn’t Provide For Vicarious Liability For Offence By A Company: SC [10 Dec 2016]
  82. Personal Laws Can’t Claim Superiority Over Constitutional Rights: Allahabad HC[8 Dec 2016]


Compiled by:

Megha Sinha

Indore Institute of Law