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College plays a vital role in shaping the transition of a naive school kid into a confident young adult. It is not only a hub of producing youngsters of high intellect, but it is a second home of those seeking credence in their respective areas of interests. After facing reality in the form of a nationwide law entrance test, and struggling through the ups and downs of teenage life, we finally reach our respective law schools which serve as our boat in the ever growing pool of competition. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University is one such boat, helping us float through this immense tide called life.

It is apparent though, that whenever an introduction for this National Law University is asked for, people start with the incredible infrastructure and the beautiful work environment, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Even if that is not a complete preface in itself, it is a valid argument anyway. The grandeur of this university is famous amongst law aspirants as a university which gives the full package of college experience, be it mooting, debating, mediating, writing articles or playing sports. It still leaves room for other co-curricular activities like foreign language courses (French and German), courses like cyber law, and accomplishment celebrations (read: dance and booze parties).

Though the student life here is an illustrious one, it is a perfect place for those who want to keep themselves busy and those who want to keep themselves free; there is no in-between. It is also a wonderful place for artists of the mind. Constant poetry sessions, book club sessions and clubs like the nukkad naatak keep the people on their toes. Debating societies help people hone their skills of public confrontation and games like badminton, football and basketball help with their stealth.

Newbies from the first year are eased into the curriculum of the university and its brilliant lifestyle through the orientation of committees like the Journal Committee, Moot Court Committee, Debate and Discussion Committee, Legal Aid Committee and the like. The two journals called RMLNLU Law Review and CMET published by the university give the students an opportunity to publish their articles. The moots and debates organized especially and only for the first years give them a learning opportunity to explore further. Mediation competitions et al give them a platform to represent their university on a national level. Legal aid clinics help the students in getting a glimpse of the real world. Alumni meetings are held to help students realize their areas of interests and competitions like judgement writing and Devil’s advocate are held to bring out the lawyers in them.

The seniors at RMLNLU are helpful and kind to everyone who approaches them and help the university achieve its true potential by representing it internationally. The university is vigilant about sensitive cases like student grievances, welfare, gender justice and sexual harassment and has committees regarding the same. It caters to all the needs of the student body.

For a person aspiring to fully enjoy college life and study to his fulfilment, RMLNLU is the place to go to. For a person wanting to study in the alma mater of winners of competitions like Leiden Sarin’s International Air Law Moot Court Competition, Henry Dunant Memorial National Moot Court Competition, UILS National Client Counselling Competition and the like, this university is a great place. This university is a heaven for the people looking for a studious cum homely atmosphere. And just to be completely clear, this university also has great infrastructure and a beautiful work environment.


Anushree Malviya.

Batch of 2020



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