LexQuest’s Online Course on Cyber Law: Third Batch

LexQuest is pleased to announce the third batch for LexQuest’s Online Course on Cyber Law.

In recent years, the use of computers and internet has risen. Computers are now an integral and indispensable part of any professional, commercial and industrial activity. The development of information technology continues to give rise to novel and complex legal problems related to the use of internet and computers. Cyber Law is the law regulating cyber space and it is continuously evolving with every passing day. Even the most learned legal luminaries find it difficult to solve the legal problems posed by technology.

The Online Certificate Course offered by LexQuest, intends to spread awareness among the general public about Cyber Laws and it is specifically beneficial to the lawyer community who face such cases on regular basis. The scope and ambit of the course is very vast and covers varied aspects related to Cyber Law issues, which involve the use of computer or internet. This program highlights Cyber Laws in the areas of Electronic Commerce, e-Governance, Intellectual Property, Data Security and Cyber Crimes.

Duration of Course: 2 Months (1st March, 2018-30th April, 2018)

Exam Dates: 4th to 6th May, 2018. (You can choose any date as per your convenience.)

About the Exam: The exam will consist of 50 questions, 1 mark each. For passing, you need to secure a minimum of 40%. No negative marking.

Certificates will be dispatched in the first week of June, 2018.

Who can pursue?

It is a general course which would be of immense value to persons who fall in the following categories:



Persons working in IT companies

Software Professionals

Company Executives

Note: You can download the modules, which will be sent to you at regular intervals and you can study them at your own pace.

Value Added Material: We will send across pertinent material, which will help increase your knowledge about the issues you are reading and learning about, through our course, on a regular basis.

Syllabus: The Course shall be divided into 4 parts.

Module I – Introduction

This module covers basic concepts like what is Cyber law, Concepts of Internet and Cyber Space; Hardware/Software/Applications; Networking, Privacy; Data Security, Issues relating the Cyber jurisdiction, Types of E-contract, Digital Signature, Security and privacy issues with regard to e-contracts, E-governance, Issues related to Social Networking Sites.

Module II – Cyber Space

This Module covers concepts like Internet ownership, Standards & Role of ISPs, Data security and management, Encryption of data and digital signature, Internet telephony and VPNS, International Perspectives.

Module III – Cyber Crimes

This Module covers topics such as what are Cyber- crimes, Cyber criminals and their objectives, Distinction between cyber-crimes (non- conventional crime) and conventional crimes, Kinds of cyber-crime: cyber pornography, crimes related to IPR, cyber stalking, cyber terrorism, crimes relating to cyber destruction/alteration, mail spoofing, identity theft, financial frauds; Tools and Methods Used in Cybercrimes: Proxy Servers, Phishing, Password Cracking, Keyloggers and Spywares, Virus and Worms, Trojan Horses and Backdoors, DoS Attacks; Cyber forensics; Governmental Regulations.

Module IV – IPR and Cyberspace

This Module has further been divided into 3 parts: Patent and its infringement, copyright and related issues, trademark and domain name issues.

Fees for full course: Rs. 2500/-

Early Bird Discount: Avail a special discount, if you register before 30thJanuary, 2018!

Fees to be paid by the Early Birds: Rs 2100/- only!

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