Model Youth United Nations Meet (YUN)


Jaipur National University, Seedling School of Law & Governance takes immense pleasure in organising its First Edition of Model Youth United Nations Meet (YUN) to be held on 7th-8th October 2016 which was scheduled to be held on 26th-27th August 2016.

In a world like this where today’s youth with raging ambition want to bring about a change in the society, this event would provide them a platform to achieve a greater understanding not only of the UN, but also of global issues, through an interactive and gratifying educational experience. It is an attempt to engage students with global challenges, and encourage them to think creatively with an international outlook to problem-solving, that attracts many of the brightest minds in the country.

The aim of organizing YUN Organs’/committee sessions is to take up an exercise in research, public speaking and teamwork. These are the skills that a professional would need throughout his career and YUN event gives a chance to practice while one is a student. In this process the participants and the executives along with the chief guests and the heads of the YUN event receive awards for their hard work. Model Youth UN events are diplomatic simulations where respect for each other and cooperation are the fundamentals of the debate. This setting allows every participant to understand how existing international bodies work under the UN and the contribution they themselves can make to help solve issues and challenges that affect or may affect our planet today.

We would like to extend our invitation to undergraduate students of Law, Science, Political Science, History and Economics from all over India and Senior Secondary students of 11th and 12th standard of Jaipur to come and participate in this event that would render them more sensitive to the global problems.

All the essential details are attached below and the registration for the event is open and you are requested to kindly follow for the registration. The last date for registration is 20th September 2016 till 11:59 p.m.

Note 1: If the participants are finding difficulty in registering themselves online they can also send their registration details (the registration details required in the online form) at

Note 2: Students who are interested to participate as a member of Executive Board of YUN are requested to send their previous MUN experience at

Thanking you in anticipation.

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