Mooting: An Art a Law Student should Master in A Law School By Litson K Stephen (Part 1)

Mooting is a system of mock courts created by the Law School System to enable the students to understand the Court Proceedings. It is just taken as an extra circular activity by many law students across India. But if you think Moot is just another activity in a Law School, You are Wrong.

Importance of Moot Courts

Moot Court is one of the important thing that can help in your career. While appearing for an interview, if your Resume contains a number of moots, it creates an impression on the mind of the interviewer. A good mooter is always considered knowledgeable in a law school. You master in different skills while doing a moot:

  1. Research Skills
  2. Oratory Skills
  3. Reasoning Skills

While doing a moot court, you get numerous benefits which are

  1. Networking with law students from different law schools
  2. Improvement in Research and Drafting Skills
  3. Being Confident
  4. Gaining Practical Exposure
  5. Learning the Art of Team Work

What does it take to do a moot court competition?

Participating in a moot court requires you to have good researching skills. The first task is to read a moot court problem and understand the major issues involved in the proposition before dividing it among the team members.


The moot court team consists of

  • 2 Speakers
  • 1 Researcher

Note: Two persons may be individually the best speaker and the best researcher but they won’t always make a good team. A Good Team is a team which has perfect coordination and cooperation between themselves. A Team with a weak member can outperform other teams if the team members are supporting and tend to work as a team.

Choosing a good team is the first thing to be done. A good mooting team should be made in such a way that the team continues for a longer duration. Switching teams regularly can be disastrous in some or the other way. Make a permanent team for yourself.

More Tips to be Shared on a Weekly Basis. Stay Tuned. 


About the Author


Litson K Stephen is the Founder and CEO of Legge Rhythms Media and Publications. He have been a active mooter during his law school life. He have taken sessions during an entire semester in his law school. He plans to join academics and train students to become good mooters in the coming years.