NHRC Issues Notice To Centre & Delhi Government


NHRC Issues Notice To Centre & Delhi Government on Ajay Maken’s Complaint About Mismanagement of COVID-19 Situation

-Shatakshi Pathak

The notice had been issued by the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, to the Union Health & Family Welfare Ministry and Government of NCT of Delhi on a complaint of the general public of Delhi, who had made serious allegations regarding the problems faced by them because, in the hospitals, beds are not sufficient for the Covid-19 patients and number of tests conducted were limited which leads to the dreadful state of affairs and maladministration, that results in causing a large number of deaths.

It has been observed by the Commission that the complainant, Ex-President, Dr. Ajay Maken, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee has not come out along with entire arguments, in spite of that, some apparent sincere efforts to provide data upholding his complaint had been made by them if that is a true then serious issue regarding the improper approach of the agencies of the Government will be raised towards the difficult situation of the general public which amounts to a serious matter of the infringement of human rights. It has been indicated in the data that the Government needs to take efficacious steps immediately.

Reportedly, there has been a long delay in managing the last honors of those who died in the course of the pandemic period and tests on the dead bodies of those who were symptomatic are also not being managed to infringe the ICMR and WHO norms which can be immensely dangerous.

While the issuance of a notice, it has been added by the Commission that it would be appreciable if both Union Health & Family Welfare Ministry and the Government of NCT of Delhi take account of matter after consulting with each other to make the certain comprehensive report under 10 days. Meanwhile, the Government of NCT of Delhi is supposed to raise more beds and tests per day for the patients of COVID-19.

Additionally, it has been observed by the commission that many complaints had been made across the country regarding the problems faced by the general public for the treatment from COVID-19 illness and Delhi has been no exception. On such issues, suo-moto cognizance was taken which is inclusive of the death of police constable who was not admitted to the hospital on time.

It has been further added by the commission that it is understood that it is an abnormal situation for the hospitals, doctors, government agencies, and for patients also, but still, the State has to take proper initiatives for the citizens and can’t let them die. It is true that the patients are increasing daily and the recovery rate is 48% but it can’t be neglected that deaths are also increasing and our National Capital is the most affected city.

On 9th June 2020, the complaint was received by the Commission in which it was stated that COVID positive patients are running from one hospital to another and hospitals are not admitting them. The complainant had provided a chart which shows that the hospital infrastructure of Delhi consists of 57,194 beds but only 7% of private hospitals, 8% of Central Government Institution, and 12% of Delhi Government beds are being used for the treatment. It has been persisted by the complainant that at least 70% of beds which are vacant have to be reserved and prepared for COVID-19 patients. It was further argued that only 5 hospitals out of 38 hospitals in Delhi are accepting COVID-19 patients. Due to refusal by the hospitals, people have to suffer for treatment in Delhi and tests are not being conducted by Delhi Government and authorized private labs were asked to stop conducting the tests. The recovery rate in Delhi is the lowest.

According to the recommendations made by Dr. Mahesh Verma Committee, there is an extreme urgency to increase the number of ventilators to protect the lives of residents of Delhi. The complainant had prayed for the immediate intervention of the Commission in the issue regarding protection of residents in Delhi and raise the concern regarding the opening of virus affected areas which can lead the tremendous spread of Coronavirus, which endangers human lives of the residents of National Capital.




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