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The Certificate Course on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a beginner level course which covers the basics of CSR in a comprehendible manner. The Course begins from the historical evolution and the historical basis of the CSR policy, and ends with the analysis of the Companies Act, 1956 and the overview of the Companies (CSR Policy) Amendment Rules, 2021.

A properly implemented CSR concept can bring along a variety of competitive advantages, such as enhanced access to capital and markets, increased sales and profits, operational cost savings, improved productivity and quality, efficient human resource base, improved brand image and reputation, enhanced customer loyalty, better decision making and risk management processes.

This course will prove to be extremely helpful for Students & Professionals from Legal & Managerial Backgrounds. The purpose of this Certificate Course is to provide the learner i.e., students, lawyers, NGOs, International Organizations and Governments who are currently involved in CSR, or would like to get involved in CSR, an experience-based, integrative exposure to this emerging and dynamic field of business practice.


The aim of the Course is to generate better understanding among students on the issues relating to the need for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The aim also revolves around making the students competent enough to explain alternative definitions, their strengths and limitations.


  • To discuss the role of corporate social responsibility as an essential feature of corporate policy.
  • To underscore the vital role of CSR in India.
  • To delve into the inter-relationship between the Government and corporate bodies in the particular context of education in India.
  • To discuss in detail the Companies Act, 2013 which mandates corporate social responsibility for companies with a prescribed turnover or net profit as provided in the Act.


  • The course aims to address the needs of professionals in private companies, Students (U.G and P.G), Lawyers, NGOs, International Organizations and Governments.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Appearing Graduates/Graduates/ Post Graduates in any field/Corporates/NGO Professionals/ Government Employees
  • Selection procedure: Admissions open and will be on first come first serve basis (40 seats) only.
  • All rights regarding change in dates, fees, number of seats, fee waiver, scholarship etc. lies with Legge Rhythms Media and Publications (a Unit of Stephen and Shrestha Eduhub LLP).


This e-Learning course provides participants with:

  • 5 Modules;
  • 3 Live lectures
  • 2 Recorded lectures
  • Compulsory Reading Material;
  • Additional Reading Material;
  • Doubt clearing over WhatsApp and E-mail
  • External links to internet resources;
  • A quiz at the end of the course to test the understanding, and also for the purpose of final assessment
  • Online Group Discussions on relevant topics, problems; are also a part of the course structure.

This course schedules an involvement of 6 hours/week over a period of 2- weeks and provides the participants with a number of articles which reflect their social and economic surroundings. Along with the articles, case studies and analysis upon those are also offered.



  • Module 1 – Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Understanding the Basics
    • Historical Evolution
    • CSR in the 20th Century
  • Module 2 – Push Factor to engage in CSR Activities
    • Ethical Consideration
    • Employee Motivation
    • Risk Management or Risk Reduction
    • Reduction in Operating Cost Leading to Higher Productivity and Quality
    • Reduced Regulatory Oversight
    • Consumer Demand
  • Module 3- Core Focus Areas of Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Health Care
    • Environment Protection
    • Labour Welfare
    • Anti-Corruption
    • Rural Empowerment
    • Women Empowerment
    • Education
  • Module 4 – Policies and Guidelines relating to Corporate Social Responsibility
    • International Perspective
    • National Perspective
  • Module 5 – Companies Act and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Scope of Companies Act
    • Applicability of CSR under the Companies Act
    • Overview of Companies (CSR Policy) Amendment Rules, 2021


  • Anita Yadav (Asst. Professor of Law, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University)
  • Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay (Research Advisor, South Ural State University)
  • Mrinalini Banerjee (Assistant Professor of Law, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar)
  • Barrister Rizwana Yusuf (Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh)


There is a quiz at the end of the course which intends to help the learners self-assess their level of command. Learners who obtain a final score of 60% or more, will be awarded with a certificate of completion.


  • Early Bird Registration till 15 June 2021: Rs 750
  • Registrations after 15 June 2021: Rs 1000


  • Make the payment on the no. provided
  • Fill the Registration Form –
  • You will get confirmation of registration within 48 hours.


  • Paytm – 8349374429
  • Google Pay/Phone Pe – 7470546661


  • Umang Mangal – 8349374429
  • Arpit Jain – 9694419101

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