Are the foreign visits of PM Modi justified?


As of April 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made forty foreign trips. These excursions include state visits and summits on five continents, including the visits to USA to attend the UN general assembly, following his neighborhood first and act east policies.

The discussion for today is whether these foreign visits justified?

Opening the debate at 8 pm today..


  1. Typically, when the Head of State visits another country, it is the highest track. It sends out a message that the country is important to them. It is not a regular vacation visit like the one you had last summer.
    Modi is focusing on India’s neigbourhood, considering the fact that South Asia will be a powerhouse soon. He is also focusing on India’s Look East policy.
    All these visits are in fact, according to an aim that he has planned in mind taking into consideration the bureaucrats at the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  2. According to my research Manmohan Singh Spent 699 crore in 10 years while Vajpayee spent 144 crore in 5 years on Foreign Visits

    While Modi has visited more countries in less budget. Modi has very tight schedule and travels with lesser staff to reduce the costs of tours.
    Only reason, people are noticing Modi’s visits is his popularity and charisma. He is the reason, country’s youth has started taking interest in Politics otherwise earliar very less people were there who took interest in politics

    so according to me it is justified

  3. Earlier governments also has managed to secure considerable Foreign Investments with or without the Prime Minister himself making frequent foreign trips. India is known for remarkable history of diplomacy even during the tough cold-war times.

    • When the leader of the country with a clear majority is going to these countries with a view of open cooperation for business, it creates an environment of trust.

  4. Not only for this reason you can definitely not miss the extra efforts and FDI increased rate by these foreign visits and for that purpose it is justified for me

    • yep Mr Akash I am agree with you as modi bring so much investments and jobs by the foreign trips only . thats y the Employment rates also improves by bringing jobs in India

  5. But to fill the stomach of those sleeping hungry,we need to create job opportunities, and that is possible more or less possible with these foreign collaboration that our PM is doing by making foreign tour

  6. poverty is widespread in India that 270 million people live under the official poverty line and communal clashes often takes place. This being the scenario, social issues requiring immediate attention are more important than world recognition or action to appease the urban population. I consider Modi’s foreign trips as an extravaganza on taxpayer’s money.

    • Then why it is always asked that what modis governmentis doing and additionalto it please tell me why the votes were casted to himby also knowing the fact that he is going to do all such things as stated in his statements before elections
      People were and they are in hope to have a bright future ahead and so they are with him for their future growth

    • Some of the previous foreign trips of Narendra Modi are worth praising. It was encouraging to see Modi visit countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia about whom not many Indians are aware. A country’s external policy cannot be cultivated solely keeping in mind powerful nations like USA, UK, China and Russia, it has to take within its ambit immediate neighbours like Nepal and Bhutan as also extended neighbours in East and West Asia be it United Arab Emirates or Japan. That’s the reason why Modi needs to be commended for having made an effort to reach out to these countries

  7. Although America is the biggest business partner of India but in the commitments of investments, china is competing America, and this all happened in past 8 months. after Ginping`s India`s visit and then Modi`s china visit both countries commits about agreements of 52billion dollars. America also commits some agreements with India in during past 8 months but the investment will be 7 billion dollers less than china. It will be around 45 billion dollars.

    And much more has been achieved by these visits of our current PM.

    In the past years when Mr. Singh was our PM there were some countable achievements but Modi in the 1 year of span has focused sincerely and successfully into the foreign affairs.

    As per me we can’t question his policies.

  8. Exactly…. India is a vast country and maintaining its economy and other issues is not that easy as we think it is. Every independent decision is a responsibility and faces criticism if fails to achieve its prior objective. Modi’s visit is criticized by many but are we not able to see the vision behind the trips. These visits were not made with the intention of enjoyment but with a vision to strengthen the roots of economy. PM Modi has exactly hit the nail on the head by taking this step. He is a person who believe in the fact that action speaks louder than words. Its very easy pointing out mistakes but taking major decisions constantly is not a cup of tea.
    He is not eradicating poverty for a short span by distributing some sort of food, blankets and making the population happy but he is joining hands with other countries globally to do something which is really effective. His constant efforts speak itself that country stands at the top of his priorities.. And instead of raising questions we need to study the whole agenda behind the visits and support it to achieve the glorious India which every Indian dreams of!!!!!

  9. Was waiting for this as discussedin aap ki adaalat the foreign investment was not certain that was something with possibility and for creating that posaibilities he was probably the first person with highest outcomes and great efforts

  10. Comeon, His systematic approach in reaching out to the rest of the world, including his visit to Silicon Valley, has made a huge global impact which will bring concrete benefits, specially in terms of foreign investments for India, in the coming future.

    “Modi’s foreign visits in the last 15 months, including United States, have made a huge global impact and things at the ground level might not be seen in the present time in India but in the long run it will bring huge benefits,” Phil Scanlan, Chairman of New York Global Leaders Dialogue said.

    Guys let’s just wait and see what he does. Dividends in India have increased due to his visits. I agree these visits cost us a lott of money but the benefits are not less.

  11. (1) Modi is actively promoting brand India which leads to tourism growth. This means more revenue, employment etc.

    (2) India faces a lot of security challenges and Modi visits are utilized in countering some of them.

    (3) The visits help India to recover some of the black money abroad. Infact first time I hear the news of amount being brought back.

    (4) The visits are also a mean to settle some of the long pending issues and hence removing some of the pain areas.

    • He is trying to establish Brand Modi than Brand India with these foreign visits..

      You are still talking about increasing in revenue and employment when I have proved that unemployment has increased.

  12. According to me yes! Foreign tours of our Prime Minister Mr modi is justified he is focusing on trade and new agreements related to power, mining, security, trade etc. Let’s jst compare modi’s visit with ex pm mr manmohan Singh’trip.he had spend 699cr in 10 yr. While modi had visited more countries in less budget.he has a very tight schedule and travel with lesser staff to reduce the cost of tours.we should try to see pm and his Ministers trip to foreign countries as an the FDI inflows into India during jan-june 2015 stood at 31$billion,ahead of China $28 billion and us$29billion.

      • What an irony that the previous PM took ten years and still the condition of the country and people was not hidden from us. And we want everything to be perfect in such a short span of time when it comes to PM Modi

          • Yes he must have.. But he was not promoting himself ahead of the country…

            If you know his history, it is because of him that India is a country which didn’t have financial emergency till now.. You owe the nation’s economy to him..

            As economics students you must know this sir…

          • And to correct you, the PM doesn’t promise.. He was not the face of UPA during elections.. It was after the win that they selected their candidate that too from Rajya Sabha to lead the party in Lok Sabha as the PM. Correct your stats..

      • The survey is to small to give us a clear picture, not saying it isn’t a situation but the research methodology seems to have a very small database and add to that the method of choosing the households is not given, was it a random sampling or some other approach.

        • It is a survey by NSSO.. If you don’t trust the main survey organisation of the country, I doubt your studies as a BBA student sir..

    • Ma’am,

      Good work or publicising even the smallest of works… Modi Government spent 35 crores to publicize their achievements.. Can’t they use it where it is necessary…

      • Even every company use an amount for advertisement purpose and that brings it a great profit…… So according to you the expenses are not justifies…….
        Now the era has came in which working in mere silence only doesn’t work………
        people need to know about the achievements otherwise without judging people will make a negative conclusion.

        • Ma’am,

          You are comparing the central government with a company.. I know you must be obsessed with Business Studies but ma’am please do justify yourself while making comparison..

          Companies are run for profit motive.. And the government for welfare..

  13. Each year a particular amount of money is embarked in national budget for the foreign trips of pm and his cabinet the last budget of 2014-2015 total 316.76crs were estimated for the foreign trips of pm and his cabinet ministers,but as per data by the finance documents, 314.76cr was spent on ol the foreign trips.dat means 2 cr were saved..i wud Lyk to conclude that trips of our Prime Minister does nt go in vain..

      • Sir,
        Nothing has gone worst. Earlier too the situations were not good that you are blaming to have become even worst……
        You reasons are justifying that you believe in a person who should have come, done a lot for the country but haven’t even tried of working at the grass root level.

  14. The country should first focus on infrastructure development that would itself attract investment. For instance Chinese first built china ans then all corporate giants vied to invest in china so lets first make india. If we make india strong investments will come at our terms else invester ll dictate terms

  15. there are end number of benefits got from Modi’s Visits
    His visit to Japan led to a commitment of help from japan in building smart cities in India.
    Bhutan has a tremendous source of hydroelectric power and also helps in the prevention of our borders from China. Everything is not confined only to eradicate poverty and create employment. There are other important global issues as well. We are confining our thoughts actually with such small expectations and often point fingers when sm1 thinks globally instead of such pity issues.

    • You are stating the poverty and unemployment as pity issues maam..

      Let him focus on the internal issues.. And on the building of smart cities in India

      Aaj bhi mere watan ka kisaan bhooka so rha hai
      Suna hai mera desh digital aur smart ho rha hai

  16. Sir I jst want to say u dat could a sales manager strike any business deal without meeting his potential clients?the same logic apply to our Prime Minister also.hence he need to meet the foreign heads on regular basis to sign up the deals of economic and strategic interest.

  17. I think you hvn’t read of other programs and incentives for them sir
    And as far as digitalization is concerned…. it is the current demand
    Don’t go in the heat of the moment.
    In this running period we have to run with the pace of time. Otherwise again the people will have issues that our country is far behind in terms of d glare world..

  18. Satisfying such a large mass is almost impossible.
    And one can’t deny that a lot has been done for the farmer class as well……………..
    Only showing concern for the hungry farmers wont work as it is done by most of the political leaders……..

  19. Whenever one step is taken it is followed by a mass criticism…..foreign visits is not a complete waste of resources, Actually its a way to concrete the diplomatic relations. Everyone talk of India ‘s place in international arena…isn’t this building the foundation for that?

  20. Pm all foreign visits are productive for india.the type of hospitality he is receiveing is like the publicity of jawaharlal nehru.but if u want to make your country fully digitalised,if you are looking to make it indonesia then firstly look the history of these countries,before digitalization the have removed the poverty,before this they made there country free of starvation.they made it zero tolerance in corruption,they improved there woman’s if you want to follow westerns then follow there basic policies which make them different from others,this must be purpose of his foreign visits.not only the signs in mous .


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