About the Organizer:

LawShastra is an online web-portal, where students and other law professionals can explore various dimensions of their field under one platform. LawShastra website was established with a vivid objective for providing people with spiffing articles and study materials, educating and keeping everyone updated, provides information and guidance on competitive examinations and to offer short courses related to law and policy.

Position offered:

Campus Leader (CL)

About the Campus Leader Program:

Campus Leader Program is to widen our reach to colleges, universities and students through aid of our Campus Leaders.

As our Campus Leaders, you will get numerous opportunities; i.e., to work with a leading organization, learn and inculcate several organizational skills and get incentives for the same as well.

Tasks for CLs

Duties for Campus Leaders entail the following responsibilities
1. Promoting our events on social media:
Circulate the e-posters of events through email, mailing-list, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
2. Engage in tasks assigned:
Contribute in making periodical news reports, contribute ideas in ongoing events, etc.

Perks for CLs
1.Certificate of Appreciation (only in completion of assigned tasks)
2.Chance to win Certificate of Best Campus Leader
3.Free publication in website
4.Chance to get Online Internship with LawShastra
5.Discounts on events organized or partnered by us.

Eligibility criteria:

Student in any year of their graduation in Law. Active on social media. (WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)

Application Procedure:

Interested students are to mail their resumes by 12th August on the following mail id:

Number of vacancies:

There shall be a maximum of 2 Campus Leaders per Law University.

Work from home.

Duration of work:

For the academic year 2020-2021.Contact details :
WhatsApp: +919755112585


Team LawShastra.


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