This article has been written by Pragya Srivastava, a student of Banasthali Vidyapith.

God is creating life each and every second of the timer. It is said that the moment the person leaves the cycle of life one enters the land. God never promises or gives any inclination about the smooth journey of life or it never gives a hint also about how long life would be. One day everyone has to die which everyone knows but they are unknown to the ways that will lead to their death. Today the world is facing the deaths.
Corona Virus or Covid-19 has its epicenter in China. It has ruined the happiness of many countries and has now entered India. It is a very dangerous virus which has infected many people all over the world. Who had the inclination that how god will take you back from the challenges of life? This disease has not only hit human society but humanism as well particularly in India. Humanism is not taught it is inbuilt and varies with the experience which life gives. The situation which this pandemic has created is to show courage, intelligence, and humanity. The Government of India both on the central and state level is trying their best to fight back this pandemic, but this needs support.

Around January the first case in India came into existence. India is not only the prey of Corona which is the current issue but India has many social challenges like Illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty which is the major problem here and it is getting worst with the current issue of Covid-19. The circumstance is of such a danger that each step has to be taken with a lot of caution and patience.

War is fought by the soldiers, they fight with the intention to save their land and people of that very country. Whenever there is a war-like situation the whole country suffers the crisis. The battle is fought by the warriors, soldiers with a lot of courage, intelligence, and patience. Nowadays the warriors of the countries are the doctors the arms for them are the medical products rather than the AK 47 used by the army.
Corona has led the Prime Minister of India to take some important steps. Firstly, he announced Janta Curfew on 22nd March 2020, before this step and date many state governments took a lot of measures to prevent this virus but on this date the Prime Minister Of India Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi who addressed India Live by press conference he informed about Janta curfew which meant lockdown people stayed at home that day and further the lockdown was extended by the state governments but people ignored it. This issue as aforesaid that India is not only surrounded by this virus but there are other major problems that India’s faces are Illiteracy, Unemployment, Poverty.
Concerned with the act of the people again the Prime Minister of India addressed people and announced lockdown in the whole of India for 21 days and people who will go out and violate the terms and conditions laid they would be held liable under Section 188 and section 279 of IPC 1860. The government of India has also announced some schemes for the people who are poor as everything is closed everywhere except the essential commodities. The situation in India is getting worst in the context of increasing patients. Three days before of completion of 21 days lockdown, the Respected Prime Minister addressed the nation and extended the lockdown to save India and Indians till 3rd May 2020.

Law plays a very vital role in the day to day life. It controls our every act in society so that people remain in the discipline. In this crisis of Covid-19 people have lost their senses. They have forgotten the term ‘cooperate’. It can be illustrated that the corona warriors are now the acting god who came on earth to protect people. The Indians are not cooperating with the corona warriors either they are doctors or police officers. They are working day and night to save India against Corona Virus, but these people have been perceived as evil by the people. They are been attacked by the people for whom they are working day and night.

The incidents of attack can be seen in Moradabad, Aligarh, Lucknow, Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Howrah, Mumbai, Patiala where Nihangs attacked humanism, etc. These attacks have led both the doctors and police to lose hope and to protest. To prevent the protest and to not break the continuation in the treatment of patients an ordinance was passed and promulgated it under Article 123(1) of the Indian Constitution on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 which stated that violence on health care professionals and other corona warriors would amount to Imprisonment on two categories:-
Imprisonment 3months to 5 years
Fine Rs 5 Lakh
Imprisonment 6 months to 7 years
Fine Rs 1 Lakh to 7 Lakh
The ordinance has amended the Epidemic Act, 1897 which also includes the harassment by the landlords to the health care staff and professionals. The amendment has also provided that the offender will be presumed to be a person who committed the offense till the contrary is not proved.

To date, there are 31,332 patients in India and it’s the time to support and cooperate as the Government is not thinking of profit now they are just spending money for the people of India. Hence, it is requested to stay at home to cooperate with the government because the situation will get worst if we take it lightly and we should appreciate the steps and measures taken by the government because there is a loss now in every sector. After this circumstance, India will face the outbreak of Crisis but health is important in today’s context. It’s a war between Corona and India which India will win.


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