CSLG Call for Paper- Submit by 15 Jan 2017

The Centre for Study of Law and Governance at Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) cordially invites you to submit Research/Research Articles to the Journal of the Centre for Study of Law and Governance (Vol.III).


We seek contributions from all the Academicians, Advocates, NGO’s, Researchers And Students (both PG and UG) for the Journal.

JCLG is a renowned journal having ISSN no.2348-7801 and is in its third year of publication. It aims to provide a forum for discussion about law, governance and politics in order to contribute to create an intelligible understanding of different processes and institutions that we either constitute or are governed by.


The Research Journal invites new thoughts and insights on the broad theme

“Contemporary Issues related to Law and Governance”

such as:

– Demonetisation



– Judicial Reform, etc.

The Journal of the Centre for Study of Law and Governance is pleased to invite contributions for Volume III.

It seeks to promote original scholarship and hence all manuscripts sent for publication must contain original thought and research and must not have been published earlier.

Submissions are to be mailed to cslg.ilnu@nirmauni.ac.in


Submission Deadline

11:59 pm on Tuesday, January 15, 2017

Submission Guidelines

The centre invites your Research Article compromising of 3000-5000 words . Research Article should provide an in-depth study in the contemporary issues pertaining to the theme of the Research Journal.

Co authorship is permissible up to a maximum of two authors.

All submissions must be 1.5 line spaced in Times New Roman, font size 12 and justified.

The footnotes should be in font size 10, Times New Roman, Single Line Spacing.

The Bluebook (19th edition) is to be adhered to for citations.

All Research Articles must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 300 words.

The submissions are to be made only in Microsoft Word Format (.docx or .doc files) by sending an email at cslg.ilnu@nirmauni.ac.in. Email must mention the Subject as “JCLG Research Article Submission” followed by title of the Research Article. Soft copies are to be submitted by 11:59 pm, 15th January, 2017.

The Author(s) shall have to send an original work that has not been published anywhere else and has not been submitted for publication else where. For any issues arising in contravention to such declaration, the Editorial Board shall not be liable. The author shall personally be liable for his or her actions or omissions.


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