About NILS

The Network for International Law Students (“NILS”) is an international, independent, non-political, non-profit organisation, run by and for law students. It seeks to promote legal awareness among all the people and encourage communication and cooperation among law students and lawyers internationally; contribute to legal education; promote social responsibility in the field of law; increase opportunities for students to learn about other cultures and legal systems worldwide; and publicize educational and career opportunities in law.
NILS INDIA is one of the many chapters of NILS; we help law students to understand and appreciate the diversity and share the ideals of law in society through exchange and communication among law students of all countries.

About the Journal

NILS INDIA Law Review (“NILR”) is an initiative of NILS India.

NILR shall employ double blind peer review and publish online bi-annually. The Journal will be a forum for students and professionals in the field of law, to publish well researched, original papers focusing on different thematic areas of contemporary legal issues

In keeping with the goals of the organization, the initiative will be an avenue for individuals to become academically committed and legally skilled.

NILR shall adopt an open – access model to ensure outreach of Legal scholarship to a worldwide audience.

Any further information regarding the journal can be accessed through the following link –

 Call for Editors


A student who has completed  first year of a five year law course / first year of a third year law course, from  a  university/college  recognized by the Bar Council of India, is eligible to apply. A Student pursuing an LLM programme from a college/university recognized by the Bar Council of India may also apply.

  1. Students may apply for the following posts[1]:

Deputy Editor

Number of Posts – 01

DE shall be the one who takes over the editor’s role in the editor in chief’s absence. The role performed by the deputy editor depends very much on the work done by the rest of the editorial team. The primary work would be, overlooking and supervising the editorial committee.

Content Editors

Number of Posts – 06

CEs shall oversee review of manuscripts and select articles worthy of publication, for ex; article’s contribution to existing literature. CEs are also responsible for major edits on submissions made.

They shall also guide and co-ordinate with the author to help prepare a publishable article.

Technical Editors

Number of Posts – 03

TEs shall ensure consistency in Format of the work submitted, for ex; articles to follow British English spelling conventions, undertaking plagiarism checks, complying  article with BlueBook style of Citation (19th Edition), ensuring consistency within the article as regards content and references.

Publications and Designs Editor

Number of Posts – 02

DEs shall co-ordinate with the Editors to determine placement, design layout and format of publication.

Application Deadline :

29th October 2017

To apply, please email your CV and statement of purpose cum cover letter to

For further information, please contact:

Shresth Vardhan [Vice-President(Publications)], at 9726668356 |

[1] Organizational, managerial and editing decisions are subject to changes upon decisions made by the Editor-in-Chief