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Well, as portrayed in the movies or shows, the profession of lawyers seems to be so glamorous. The law is a great profession of people with good name, fame and power. What do you think is it so? However, according to me- The profession of law is a noble profession, which aims to provide justice to the victim and his family or the loving ones. A lawyer works in behalf of victims. So, what do I mean by lawyers? A lawyer is the person who represents his clients on legal matters in the court of law by advising, to seek justice for the unjust done. SOMEONE CONSISTENT IN HIS/HER WORK BUT RECEIVES LESS IN RETURN WHILE WORKING SOCIALLY FOR THE WELFARE OF SOCIETY IS A LAWYER. A lawyer is respected everywhere in the society, it is prestigious job, providing good name and fame as well better financial success. It grounds on providing justice by opposing the unjust and malpractices that are rooted deeply in the society.

Have u ever wondered what are the qualities which differs lawyers from any other ordinary man? Which quality makes him so prestigious? ‘ARGUING’ is one of the essential factors for lawyers to win over the opponent. It is all about CONVINCING and PERSUADING your audience or judge, mediator or jury, through a logical, well-researched, well-reasoned discussion, based on the ground of all facts and the law. This profession also provides or guarantees thrilling, high-powered, highly reputated as well as a good life. It is intellectually challenging for this he should have high IQ, good in basic general knowledge and updated daily.  

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Mainly this profession is not about pursuit of justice or right or wrong, at present it is all about reaching to a compromise between two parties. Today law became only a source of income. No one has anything to do to fight for the injustice done to the sufferers. Privately, lawyers aim to get money they have no soft-heartedness for the plight of the sufferers. They demand more money from the clients, who might not be financially strong. Somewhere lawyers at present are not exercising their duties well. All are currently having business mind, making this sacred profession a business with a tuff completion. Don’t u think?

Our youths can easily understand that difference between right and wrong. They can pressurize the judicial system to take decisions in the welfare of society as done in case of ‘nirbhaya’ and the various petitions pleading government for online transactions. Law not only creates social awareness but helps to understand by analyzing ones nation in a different way. The perception of lawmen differs from laymen’s because of awareness of law, which outlines an original view and frames in our minds. Law helps to make things better. Hence, to do good and help others I had chosen law as my profession. Let’s start to change the negative pictures of lawyers at current and lets do something for the welfare of our people. Now let the real lawyers begin.