SC gives a Big Statement on Fake Lawyers: Must Read


FAKE LAWYERS: “You don’t worry, we will take care of it”: SC

Prior the Bar Council of India (BCI) has conveyed to state Bar Councils the nation over a determination that could get a huge change to the legal profession. In a letter dated January 28, the BCI has coordinated the enrolment boards of trustees of these Bar Councils to charge an entirety of Rs. 2500 from applicants covetous of enrolling with the Bar.

This entirety is to be gathered in lieu of verification of certificates of future practicing lawyers. This determination was passed in a General Body meeting of the BCI on December 27 of a year ago, explains the strategy through which the certifications of an applicant are to be checked pre-enrolment. The Supreme Court, in a challenge to these Rules, had extended the last date of verification of lawyers to January 31.

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In a noteworthy improvement today in the challenge to the BCI (Certificate of Practice) Verification Rules, 2015, which commands the verification of lawyers, the Supreme Court has permitted the Bar Council of India to implead every university as part to the case.

The Court has permitted the BCI to distribute a notice in one English daily paper and diverse territorial daily papers, requesting that universities to join the case. A request to that impact was passed by Bench of Justices PC Ghose and Rohinton Fali Nariman.

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Senior Advocate KK Venugopal submitted under the steady gaze of the Hon’ble court that “It is assumed that there are 1.7 million lawyers in the country. But no verification has been held since 1986. How many lawyers died, quit the profession stopped active practice is not reflected. 1.7 million is an imaginary number.”

At the point when the senior advocate brought up that the check has turned into an unending procedure and it ought to be finished soon, Justice Nariman commented, “You don’t worry, we will take care of it”.

The court then ordered such that a notice be distributed in the daily papers, illuminating colleges about the suit and requesting that they join as parties to the case, likewise the Court then concluded that it will hear everyone included and will discard the case and expressed that the matter will now be heard on February 28.



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