ASP LEGAL is organizing NATIONAL LEGAL ARTICLE WRITINGS COMPETITION. This is the 1st Edition of the Competition which will be in the name and brand of SCRIBBLEX-2020. This online legal Article writing competition is organized at national level which is scheduled on 31 August, 2020.


  1. TOPIC


Critically examine the above statement with respect to any one of the following in the Indian context:

  1. Mob justice: The antithesis of democratic set up.
  2. Fake encounter: The raids which often leave a blood trail.
  3. Custodial violence: gradual demise of rule of law


Scheme of the competition:

This competition is open for all law students pursuing graduation or post graduation programme, research scholars and lawyers. Candidates can register as an individual participant and also in a team of two members.

The competition shall be held in two stages:


  1. Once registration is successful, every participating individual or team shall be given a confirmation mail with regards to successful of registration of the participant/team.
  2. Only ONE entry shall be accepted by a participant/team. After submission no alteration, modification, correction or rectification shall be allowed to be done in the article submitted by any participant/team.
  3. The last date of registration shall be 08th August 2020. Last date for submission of article shall be 15th August 2020 and any entry made after such date shall not be considered.
  4. The articles shall be examined by our panel of judges and evaluation shall be done on the following criteria:
  • Articulation – 20 marks
  • Formatting – 10 marks
  • References – 15 marks
  • Reformative suggestions – 25 marks


  1. Top ten articles on the basis above evaluation shall be selected for the 2nd stage.
  2. Participants qualifying for the 2nd stage have to record a short video clip (length up to 5 minutes) of the presentation of their articles and upload on the same on the link provided on “Scribblex” page of
  3. In case of a team, the video clip shall be recorded only by one team member.
  4. The video clip of the participants shall be uploaded on the official YouTube channel of “SCRIBBLEX”.
  5. The hyperlinks of YouTube video clip of the participants shall be shared on the official Facebook page of ASP Legal and its Twitter handle.
  6. The participants/teams can share the video clip of their article presentation to fetch likes on their respective videos.
  7. The participants/teams gathering likes on their video clip on the official YouTube channel of “Scribblex” shall be given marks out of 30 on pro rata basis.
  8. All marks obtained in both the stages will be clubbed together and winners shall be declared accordingly.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

  • Articles necessarily have to be in English language only.
  • The article should be an original work and should not be previously published elsewhere.
  • Only one entry per author may be submitted. An article may be co-authored by up to 2 authors.
  • Incomplete, multiple or plagiarised (beyond 25%) submissions will be summarily rejected.
  • The word limit should not exceed 2500 words.
  • All references must be adequately credited in footnotes.
  • All submissions have to be made in .pdf format.
  • Final submission has to be uploaded on the link provided for the same on “SCRIBBLEX” page at

The preferred formatting guidelines are as follows:

  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 13.5pt.
  • Line spacing: 1.5

Video Rules

  • Ten best articles shall be selected for the 2nd Stage    
  • The qualifying participant or one of the participants from the qualifying team has to record a short video clip presentation (up to 5 minutes) on their articles and upload the video clip on the link provided for the same on “SCRIBBLEX” page at
  • The audio and video of the clip must be fairly clear.
  • The participants making the presentation must be formally attired and properly groomed.
  • Background disturbances like music sounds, TV noise, people walking etc. should be avoided by the participants.
  • The video clips given by the participants will be uploaded and published on the official YouTube Channel of SCRIBBLEX and thereafter the hyperlink of the said YouTube video of the participant/team will be shared on the official Facebook page of ASP Legal and its Twitter handle within a period of 12 hours from the time it is received by SCRIBBLEX Team.
  • All the participants shall submit their video clips before 23rdAugust, 2020 otherwise they’ll be disqualified.
  • The selected participants and teams have to share the video clip of their article presentation and fetch likes on their respective videos on YouTube.
  • Based on the likes received on the videos of the participants on YouTube, they will be given marks out of 30 on pro-rata basis.
  • The marks by the expert panel and the marks of YouTube video will be combined and the participants getting the highest marks will be rewarded with the 1st, 2ndand 3rd


  • Registration Date Starts – 13thJuly 2020
  • Registration Date Closes – 8th August 2020
  • Submission of Articles by – 15 august 2020.
  • Declaration of top 10 participation – 20 august 2020
  • Submission of video – 23 august 2020
  • Declaration of Final Result – 31 august 2020
  • Dispatch of certificates by – 15 September 2020


Registration Fee is Rs. 250/- per author and Rs. 450/- team(co-author) .

For Registration-Click here


  1. Best Article : Cash Prize of 5,000/-
  2. Second Best Article : Cash Prize of 3000/-
  3. Third Best Article : Cash Prize of 2000/-
  4. Top ten participants will be given certificates along with memento and Internship Opportunity.
  5. E- participation certificates to all Participants.
  6. Top 10 articles will be published on asp legal website and other social platforms.
  7. Please note that Winner needs to provide bank details in his/her name for transfer of Winning amount. All transaction will be digital. No cash Transfer.


  1. No refund will be given if the request for cancellation is made after 24 hours of registration.
  2. Participants can cancel their registration for SCRIBBLEX ONLY by sending an email to the email id
  3. No refund shall be done in case a participant is disqualified for any reason or fails to follow any of the guidelines and rules of this competition.
  4. In case of a Team Membership, the email for cancellation must be from both the team members/participants.
  5. If the article is not received by 15th August, 2020, then the registration of the said participant would be considered cancelled and no refund of registration fees would be done in such a case. Provided that the article may be accepted even after the aforesaid deadline, if SCRIBBLEX team is satisfied that the participant had sufficient cause for not submitting the article on time and it would be the sole discretion of the Core Committee of SCRIBBLEX to decide the same.
  6. The email for cancellation must necessarily be from the email id that was provided during registration; otherwise the cancellation shall not be accepted.
  7. The email for cancellation must also necessarily mention “SCRIBBLEX Cancellation-(Name of the Participant/Team)” in the subject otherwise the cancellation would not be accepted.
  8. If the cancellation request of a participant/team qualifies the aforesaid criteria, then only 50% of the registration fees shall be refunded and process for refund would be initiated within 15 days of the receipt of the email for cancellation.

*Core Team of SCRIBBLEX reserves all the rights to cancel the event due to inadvertent circumstances like technical breakdown etc. and refund to all the registered participants will be initiated within 15 days of such decision.

Thank you for giving your precious time. Hope this much information is sufficient for you. For any other queries contact us on:


CONTACT NUMBER – 8707778148,7080212888,9205737259

Thank you



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