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Having a market presence of 3 years, In the short span of time,  has published more than 930+ manuscripts.

Supremo amicus website has a similar interface like popular websites (Coursera, Udemy, etc.)

Our courses are made for law students to gain a better understanding of different law subjects. This can help you in clearing your semester exams, competitive exams, and will eventually strengthen your legal acumen. Our courses are for everyone – for budding lawyers, judiciary aspirants, fresh law graduates. You will not only gain knowledge by taking our course but will also add to your CV.

Do you wish to fulfill your long-held dream? Do you wish to have a hold on law subjects? Do you wish to become a master of law subjects? Do you wish the law was taught in a fun way with examples and illustrations, not in just long sentences?

If you answered all the above questions in ‘YES’, then we have good news for you. You have come to the right place.
Supremo Amicus is introducing a range of online law courses on various law subjects. Our courses have been designed by a team of intellectuals having strong legal acumen.

Our courses are designed to help you understand the concepts in an easy and simple language. Our goal is not just to supply course material to you but to ensure that you are able to widen your ocean of knowledge and feel confident and empowered. That is why we have quizzes at the end of each lesson to evaluate your conceptual clarity. Our quizzes are specially drafted for the course containing fresh and new questions.
So, what are you waiting for you? Join today.

Demo lesson and Mocks Direct link:

(Note, Only 1st lesson and mock is free without enrollment)

Evidence Act Course:

Evidence mock based on 1st lesson:

Crpc Course:

Crpc Mock Based on 1st Lesson:

Course Description: 

  1. Click on all courses page, Won’t be redirected to the payment page.
  2. Scroll down Course Description then further scroll down and click on expand each lesson content will be available along with Demo Lesson and Mock is available (Without Even registering to Website)

How to apply:

First, take the see the demo lesson and Mock available on the website then enroll for the same.


  1. Visit:
  2. Click on see more courses on whichever course you want to enroll. Click on take this course.

Duration and Benefit:

Self-paced course. All Material and mocks will be available on your account. You can complete the course as per your convenience

Beautifully designed website. Complete your course on the website with material and quiz at the end of the course website will automatically generate a CERTIFICATE OF COURSE COMPLETION in your account.

Price: Rs.1100 only

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