Trial Court Grants Bail to Delhi Riots Accused Firoz Khan


Citing Recent Delhi HC Order, Trial Court Grants Bail to Delhi Riots Accused Firoz Khan in All Other FIRs against Him.

– Shubhangi Zite

The trial court in Delhi has granted bail to Delhi Riots accused Firoz Khan in all the FIRs registered against him for offenses under sections 147,148, 149,427, and 436 of Indian Penal Code. The order was passed by Single Judge Bench of Justice Anup Jairam Bhambhani during the hearing via video conferencing. On May 29 the Delhi High Court granted bail to Firoz Khan for FIRs against him by noting that prison is primarily for punishing the convicts and not for detaining people under trials in order to send any message to society.
Justice Anup J Bhambhani further said that “the remit of the court is to dispense justice in accordance with the law, not to send messages to society,”.

Firoz Khan who was a truck driver from Old Mustafabad in Delhi was accused of being part of a mob of around 300 people that allegedly torched a confectionery shop. While granting bail, the court asked Firoz Khan to furnish a personal bond of Rs 50,000 and two sureties of the same amount from his kin. He was also asked not to leave the national Capital without the court’s permission.

In its May 29 order, the High Court rejected the argument of the police that granting bail to Khan at this early stage may send an adverse message in the society. “It is this sentiment, whereby the state demands that undertrials be kept in prison inordinately without any purpose, that leads to overcrowding of jails, and leaves under trials with the inevitable impression that they are being punished even before trial and therefore being treated unfairly by the system,” the order read.



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