Unsuited Episode 4


Our guests for our upcoming episode of UNSUITED are a delightful mother-daughter duo, Mrunalini Deshmukh and Devika Deshmukh Doshi. They are both family law experts working on issues around matrimony, surrogacy and adoption. These females have been breaking all the stereotypes and glass ceilings in the legal profession.

Here we have a mother who blazed her own trail into the world of law, juggling between her family and her career; and a daughter who saw her mother through all ups and down, drew inspiration from her and became the successful lawyer that she is today. Join us on Sunday to watch what a great friendship and working relationship the two of them share.

Register for the episode here – https://bit.ly/2IL9D69

Hear them open up about their personal lives, the bonds they share, early career setbacks and how they overcame every hurdle that came their way. We promise to make this 60 minutes of your precious time worth every second.

UNSUITED is a place where lawyers are encouraged to be more than just legal wizards. We want to humanize lawyers, to tell us their stories, we want them to literally “lift the corporate veil”!

So, join us this week to – Get inspired, and most importantly Get UNSUITED!

Join us here –  https://bit.ly/2IL9D69

Have questions? Reach out to RiaRungta ([email protected])

Watch episode 3 of UNSUITED with ArghyaSengupta&Dhvani Mehta here.


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