Unsuited Episode 5


We cordially invite you to our next episode of UNSUITED this week on Sunday, 29 Nov at 5 PM. For this week we have the father-son duo HirooAdvani and KaramAdvani for episode 5.

Did you know that, including Karam, 4 generations have practised the law in the Advani family?  Did you know that HirooAdvani’s father was a practising lawyer in Sindh (a province of modern-day Pakistan) and came into India after the partition in 1947?

HirooAdvaniwas born to his parents only a couple of months before they left Sindh. Barrister HotchandAdvani, a well-known educationalist was instrumental in setting up two of the most well-known colleges in South Mumbai – H.R College and K.C. College. He was one of the foremost trustees of these colleges.

KaramAdvani relocated to Singapore when we got an opportunity with a well known local firm there, as Foreign Counsel. In a way, history did repeat itself as Karam set foot in a land where he knew far and few people and he had to establish himself from scratch (much like his grandfather did when he came to India) and Hiroo did as he broke from the Counsel route to set up his own law firm.

Join us this Sunday as they speak about their life, of growing together, the setbacks, the relationships forged over the years and the experience of fatherhood – all on UNSUITED.

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