1st Babu Pritam Singh Virtual Moot Court Competition Presented by J.P. Sharma & Associates in collaboration with Glocal Law School, Saharanpur.


About the Event

Babu Pritam Singh Moot Court is the 1st virtual Moot Court Competition organised by J. P. Sharma & Associates in collaboration with Glocal Law School, Saharanpur. The founder of the event recognised the need of a virtual platform at this time of Pandemic, where law students can be a part of a platform where they can draft, plead and showcase there advocacy skill. The aim of the event is to enable law students from all across India to participate and showcase their majesty over law and legal principles over a virtual platform.

About the Organizers


The foundation of the firm was laid down in the year2013 by Lt. J.P. Sharma. The firm was formed with associates who were Senior Advocates of the Allahabad High Court. And since then our family has increased to 17 associates from the Allahabad and Lucknow High Court today. The firm has advocates that excel in their particular field of practice and are determined to get you Justice under any circumstances. At our firm, your advocate is allocated on the basis of knowledge and expertise – so you get the very best person for the job. To help your advocate make more efficient use of time, we assemble a support team of additional advocates, paralegals and law clerks. Even if your advocate is out of the office on another matter, there is always someone here who is familiar with your situation and can assist you.


Glocal Law School

Glocal Law School (GLS) offers a distinctly hospitable learning environment. Learning, we believe, has to be consummate and to be so it has to transcend the classroom. Our aim is to create an environment where academics does not impose, but eases its way seamlessly into all round student life. In order to be truly effective it has to be integrated, made an indistinguishable part of life as a whole, treated not as distinct component but as gestalt in fact it is to be looked upon as rather a way of life. GLS offers an innovative and distinctive five-year integrated B.A. LL.B. and B.B.A. LL.B. undergraduate legal study programmes which is relevant to today’s society. Diversity and a global perspective are at the heart of the educational experience at GLS. We recognize the need to be global in our outlook which is reflected in all areas of our work.

Click here for The Proposition:  MOOT PROPOSITION 2020

Click here for The Brochure: Moot Court Brochure



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