This article is written by Meghna Jalali from Ansal University and curated by Anjeeta Rani of Chanakya National Law University.

Criminalization is the conduct of an individual who leads wrongdoing. It is otherwise called criminology and criminal conduct of an individual. The motivation behind criminalization is to take activities against open wrongs.

In the previous years, the enactment has rolled out a few improvements in law, presenting definitions which are progressively detailed in their structure to characterize wrongdoing, one such case is the meaning of Rape, which has been expanded.

There are a significant number of Penal Provisions made to condemn the good and open wrongs. Many revisions have been made in these arrangements, and additionally, options are made to broaden them. In any case, with the extension of criminal laws, the crime percentage is likewise expanding.

The Centre ought to know that with the augmentation of criminalization the assortment of wrongdoings and their sorts are expanding. It’s acceptable that a few corrective laws rebuff the transgressor however the danger of discipline cannot put a mind to the extension of criminalization among society.

There are laws made on general society and good wrongs, however, are they adequate. Numerous laws are not exact, and others are just written in the demonstrations which are not actualized at the grass-root level. There are escape clauses in the drafting of these laws which offer a favorable position to the transgressors to pick up from and spare oneself from the reformatory procedures.

The excess of laws has prompted a place for over-criminalization which is the subject of conversation these days. India can’t manage the cost of more laws; it can’t deal with the current number of laws. The number of judges to hear the cases are extremely less. A ton of cases are pending and numerous individuals are carrying on with their life as Under Trial Prisoners, which is a danger to the current equity framework.

Furthermore, social issues have likewise changed as they were sometime back when these laws were made. These issues incorporate enormous social issues like lack of education, destitution, strict clashes, adolescent misconduct, joblessness, prejudice, fear-based oppression and so forth these issues are consistently a subject of incredible conversation and a few discussions are additionally made on these issues however there is no exacting arrangement made on them.

Criminalization is influenced by political variables. The ideological groups impact individuals to enjoy out of line rehearsals and to advance mobs among the nation, to satisfy their childish intrigue.

Criminalization ought to be picked as the final hotel. As Mahatma Gandhi stated, “Rebuff the wrongdoing, not the hoodlums.” Mere rebuffing the crooks would not be an answer to the issue of rising crimes. The Centre ought to be given as to how to stop the rise of criminal intuition among individuals. The psychology of the criminal leaning individuals should be comprehended and steps ought to be taken to expel the reasons which prompt the event of criminal conduct among individuals.

The administration has made numerous revisions in the laws identified with ladies, for example, Triple Talaq is abrogated. But is this an answer to all the issues?

For Instance, Triple Talaq has been proclaimed unlawful by the zenith court yet other types of Talaq are being abused under Muslim law. Because the voice is raised against the Triple Talaq, does it offer an answer for all the issues? The criminalization is done uniquely on those exercises which are proclaimed as open and good wrongs; shouldn’t something be said about those unfair exercises against whose voice isn’t raised.

Few other improper exercises are not even considered wrongdoing, for example, marital assault. What’s more, those arrangements that are made or altered are still being unjustly utilized.

Considerably after the statement of Triple Talaq being invalid, still, its profession is made. The purpose is that numerous uneducated individuals don’t know about their privileges. They realize that regardless of whether they articulate Triple Talaq, it would not make a serious deal as the case will go to court and remain pending like other cases, and they can continue their life unreservedly until the choice is made.

The most important factor which should have been presented is a ton, make the laws unbiased. Numerous laws must be utilized by ladies to guarantee their ideal for equity however the men on a similar look are not given any privilege under the laws. What’s more, along these lines, numerous times ladies abuse their privilege against men, which is an integrated explanation of criminalization.

There are a few punitive arrangements in our enactment however the circumstance is as yet the equivalent and the crime percentage is likewise expanding step by step. This infers simply rebuffing the hoodlums would not result as a danger to stop it. The crooks should have been changed.

The Reformative hypothesis ought to be received rather than Punitive Theory. Instruction ought to be given to make them aware of their privileges and even lawbreakers should be taught to change. They ought to be transformed into a superior individual. The other social issues, for example, destitution, un-training, joblessness, helpless employment, and so on.; ought to be given the significance.


There is no point in making few laws on criminalization if they can’t keep an eye on the expanding pace of wrongdoing. Rather than making new laws, the laws ought to be diminished in tallying and their definition is made increasingly exact and precise in their usage so as not to allow the miscreants to get away and pick up preferences from its escape clauses. The abundance of laws would just prompt overcriminalization. The laws ought to be made severe and updated. It ought to be the obligation of each resident to keep them aware and the administration audit their usage.


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